How to use pump penis enlargement

Vacuum pump is designed with penis enlargement is still a great tool, as the preventive measures focused on increased efficiency.

By using the vacuum pump to enhance the potential, by performing regular, ongoing training. It helps to improve blood circulation, which guarantees penis enlargement the diameter to increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

Such a device can increase the manhood has several advantages. You need to find out what applies to them, how to use the vacuum pump?

Undeniable advantages of the vacuum pump

a vacuum pump member

Thus, the effectiveness of the devices is manifested not only in penis enlargement, but also the following:

  • The sexual dysfunction. Regular application of this tool allows you to increase the sexual penis, but also to maintain the erection during the sexual intercourse.
  • Longer sexual intercourse. The point is that the pump reduces the sensitivity of the male organ, which allows you to prolong the ejaculation.
  • Eliminates curvature of the penis. If a man has a curved penis, the pump helps to keep the body straight condition, thereby to reduce the curvature.
  • The main advantage is to increase the members, not just the length but also the girth.

How to choose?

Two types of devices penis enlargement, the air and hydro-vacuum.

Can be of different sizes, a number of additional features, such as vibration.

When choosing, it is better to choose, which comes complete erectile ring. There are tools, a further nozzle, to a better stimulation. When buying, you should pay attention to:

  1. What material is the seal, because the function directly tension a skin surface in order to ensure tightness.
  2. The size and quality characteristics of the filament. The device should be resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, the best to have a transparent flask so that you can monitor the process to avoid the shock.

Instructions for use

First of all, it is worth noting that for the first time to use a vacuum pump to be no more than five minutes, during this time, to prevent the side effects.

If the pump is not adequate, then the potential risk reduction of erection. As well as additional symptoms such as flatulence, the application of the pumps, to darken the skin of the penis.

How to use a vacuum pump equipped with air pump:

  • First, the machine pumped out the air, which helps to compress the member, due to the negative pressure, thereby increasing the blood flow to the penis. Before placing the member in the pump, the lubricant used.
  • Maximum time to use the pump one time for 15-20 minutes.
  • To prevent the inflow of air into the device, so again a negative pressure, some device, it is necessary pressure on the air valve, which is located next to the pear. Other models, it so happens that the opening hole, the flask during which a meeting is closed with the finger.
  • After reaching the maximum erection the penis wear special ring. This ensures that the compression members and does not occur the outflow of blood from the body, it is a member of the "hold" the state of the erection.

How to properly use the pump to expand the penis, equipped with a hydro-pump:

Before the procedure, you need to take a hot bath, a belt. This will help to relax the scrotum area, as well as contribute to the stimulation of blood circulation.

After 6-8 minutes of relaxation, take the pump, and then enter the penis.

Take a closer look, the rim, the damping ring, which is rounded. Need to lie down tight on the scrotum area, therefore decreasing the pressure in this area.

Place the pump on the circumference of the member is required to uniformly keep the scrotum before you start to collect the air. These measures are important to the procedure comfortable and without injury.

To make a small swinging movement to create a vacuum. After through a special valve off the excess water. The valve located at the top of the vacuum pump. Often, the pump will need to pump 6 times that of water.

If the water can be to rest, to rest for 5 minutes. If you have a feeling that the vacuum was weak, to pump the necessary level.

The penis enlargement you can use this pattern:

  • 7 days – a procedure no more than 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – a procedure in 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions 10 minutes.
  • 7 day – 2 time 15 minutes.
  • 7 day – 20 minutes after he wakes up, and then 10 minutes at night.

Don't abuse the power, in those periods, using the pump this can lead to the micro to release the cavernous bodies, which the formation of hematomas and other traumatic injuries.

How to properly care for your device?

penis enlargement.

To save the operating status of the pump for a long time, you need to follow these guidelines:

Before the pump in case it is necessary to wash a little warm, soapy water. Handle adjacent the nozzle seals disinfectant.

As moisture-do not use lubricants, which is composed of petrolatum or mineral oil, it is impossible to calm down the herbal oils and other creams.

After use and rinse with liquid soap and water, wipe dry.

Finally, it is worth noting that all the advantages of vacuum pumps, as confirmed by numerous reviews, the man, the device works in the real world. And combined with a special gel penis enlargement you can get a better result.

Pump for penis enlargement the device is fairly controversial. Someone says that it's safe, extremely effective (the rumor is that you have the correct pump for the treatment of impotence). Others claim that the device is extremely dangerous results, it's not. Who is right? We. In this article we will look at this fixture and see how it is necessary, to select how the machine works, how to use the instructions.

What is this

Vacuum pump the head of the penis, or the penis, the mechanism pumping the air. As the generated vacuum pressure, the drag of the penis due to increased blood flow the cavernous tissue, stimulation of erection, or a temporary increase in size.

The penis 2 male cavernous body, which is constantly bleeding. When excited, the spinal cord sends a signal to the blood vessels to dilate, the veins to narrow. This causes the retention in the blood in the penis, as a result, the organ becomes solid and bigger.

Using the device while the air is pumped out and creates a negative pressure. Do not allow to flow the blood in the veins, but remains like during erection the penis will be bigger both in length, diameter. The pump in the penis to increase to approximately 1-2 cm and a time to use. The result is temporary – after a couple of hours, the penis returns to normal size. With regular use, there is a constant stretching and exercise tissue this can further increase the size.

Why the device must have

How to use the pump detailed in the instructions. This clearly contains the device. Also included in the increase in members has to be:

  1. The jug (cylinder) of the sealing material on the base where the member is placed.
  2. The air valve – protects against injuries.
  3. Manometer the pressure control.
  4. A tool that creates the vacuum (bulb or automatic suction).

When using the pump to increase the time of sexual intercourse.

Increase the member – now the main objective of the pumps. But this device has several problems (including medical requirements):

  • The extension of sexual intercourse. Due to the use of vacuum pump time reduced the receptor's sensitivity to the head of the penis, which can slow awakening of the men. For this purpose, the vacuum pump should be used immediately before having sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment – regular use of the pump helps to stimulate increased blood flow to the penis, or maintain a strong erection during intercourse. The use of the pump will serve as a good prevention of diseases, affecting the efficiency. Through constant "training" removes the stagnation of blood in the veins, erectile dysfunction is.
  • Straighten the shape of the penis. If problems curvature of a member, the doctors often prescribe the pump – this helps to of the penis the condition to gradually reduce the penis curvature.

How to choose the device?

Types of pumps a lot of work on the same principle, but the little differences, so the outcome will be different. The pump should be chosen, guided by their own goals, but that the functions of the body. Just general rules that should govern the purchase of the fixtures:

  • The cylinder diameter should be an inch larger than the diameter of the penis. If you are buying a smaller device is damaged.
  • Cylinder maximum length: 2 cm more than the length of the man's penis. If the pump is of a smaller length, as in the case of the diameter, increases the risk to hurt you.
  • If you have not previously used vacuum pump, better to start with the pear device, which pumps out the air manually. Cylinder shaped electric pumps are convenient, but they create the vacuum too quickly, but are harder to control. There are even hydro-vacuum (operating the water) pump, but on the contrary, they create less pressure, as a rule, less efficient than their air counterparts.
  • When buying, always check that the sealing material that closely to the skin. If it's too soft, you will pass the air and the desired pressure is created. Too dense, hard material, is also not suitable, as it dig into the skin.

If you do not find the pump under the size of a member can be traumatic.

How to use the device

how to increase your member

How to increase a member, using pumps, how to use this device? Instructions for use pump standard. When working on the device, it is important to adhere to principles similar to the rules of athletic training is that, first, you need to keep your penis before using the pump is recommended to massage your hands, to disperse the blood, warms the tissues and muscles. The device is then worn on the body, and then tightly fixed on the base. Then the cylinder is pumped out the air (automatically or manually).

Reached by using air, water is the pump strong erection, at the base of the penis need to be a special ring. This can be worn before the procedure, the pump, which is the excitement to win the tail. This ring prevents the reflux of blood to the penis will maintain the desired expanded state. The procedure can last 15 to 20 minutes. For a long time is not recommended, since this may lead to the damage to the penis.

In order to achieve stable growth should regularly engage the pump. It is advisable to compare a gym: the gym and work the treadmill, you will feel stronger muscles. But after a day or two, and the body becomes soft again. Only regular exercise can also achieve the desired muscle is not a half-hour, then for months, and then only on condition that the constant visits to the room preserve, and the resulting effect. The penis enlargement exercise is also necessary to have regular – fit three times a week. 8 months it is possible to increase the length of, a width of 30-35% of the original size.

The effect of the pump should be used regularly.