Attach a homemade penis

Attach the penis

The size of a man's dignity has worried men since ancient times. Confirmed this is a man-made member found, which according to historians, is at least 28. 000 years old. It was discovered during archaeological excavations in Germany, a country considered to be the pioneer and leader in the porn industry.

Nowadays, it is possible to change the size of the penis by different methods - from the use of special preparations, using ointments and creams, performing a pull-out massage, to surgery. However, accessories for the genitals are gaining popularity, you can buy them at sex toy stores or hand-made.

Can I attach the penis myself?

The internet is full of requests for "how to create an artificial penis with your own hands. " The increased interest can be easily explained: the patterns displayed in theseThe store has high quality and is expensive, while the low priced models are not of high quality. Wanting to try the sex toy, a dilemma arises: is it necessary to pay for the product if it is no longer confident in its use?

Finally, it can happen that a girl disagrees with the presence of the nozzle or it will cause discomfort, irritation or pain for her (this is not excluded for men). If you choose a more sensible option, there is a risk of irritation from possible allergic reaction to the toy or possible genital injury due to splitting or peeling of parts of the nozzle.

It's also possible when you want to try "here and now", but no waiting time for ordering from the Internet, and no chance to visit the nearest sex store. In such situations, the question of how to make a dildo or attach a penis at home is quite appropriate.

If you look at the product, you will clearly see that designing it is quite difficult, but not impossible. The main thing is to have the desire and a small amount of time, as well as buy the necessary materials. The final quality of the resulting audience will depend on the following audience. The advantage of a self-made pellet is that its shape and size will be limited by the author's imagination.

Choose the right material

For tips and prosthetics manufactured in industrial environments use:

  • Cyberskin is a material that closely resembles real human skin. It is soft, flimsy, almost indistinguishable from raw meat to the touch. When it touches the body, it will quickly take its temperature and maintain it the entire time on the organ. Lack of material - it is very perishable, therefore it should be handled with care, washed in warm soapy water, preserved in special cases.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is the most common material for the manufacture of prostheses and sex toys. Its advantages: the ability to quickly take the shape of the human body, strength and combination with lubricants. PVC is washable with mild detergents: soap, shower gel or intimate hygiene, which does not require special storage conditions. Application is possible of any frequency and intensity.
  • Silicone is the medical material used for the manufacture of intimate goods in 90% of cases. It is soft enough, pliable and flexible enough. Ability to quickly reshape the body, and after "work" to return to its original state. Pros: hypoallergenic, allowing all toys of all intensity to be used. Store silicone tips in the dark, because they are destroyed under the action of ultraviolet rays. The disadvantage is that playing with it requires lubricant handling, and exclusively on a water basis.
  • Rubber is a specialized material with enhanced thermoplastic properties and is comfortable to the touch. Suitable for making products that need to take and hold the desired shape. The softness of the material allows you to give comfort to both partners, and elasticity allows you to get the desired parameters (length, thickness, veins, milia, etc. ) High capLatex does not rub or cause an allergic reaction. For care, use a mild detergent or special detergent for intimate toys.
  • Plastic is a dense material in which special blends are added for greater softness and elasticity. It is used to create special shapes.

Material selection is the most important step in making a prosthesis with your own hands, because of the final version of the product and its safety to the health of both partners. depends on this. So saving in this case is undesirable.


Before making a dildo at home, you should clarify which of the listed ingredients is supplied by the manufacturer. Some of them are available for free in hardware stores, others when ordered over the Internet.

So to make a homemade, suitable dummy:

  • alginate molding compound;
  • silicone molding compound;
  • Polyurethane filling compound
  • .

The store may offer other options, but before you buy, you should find out if the material causes an allergic reaction and how safe it is for the body.

The bumpy dick

Stages of work

How to make a dildo at home? You will need:

  • transparent plastic;
  • adhesive tape (scotch tape);
  • selected material;
  • membrane
  • .

Square or rectangle cut out of a plastic sheet, depending on the size of the product being planned. The length of the sheet can be adjusted at will - the longer a man wants to add more centimeters. The width of the plate depends on the available parameters of the penis: in an erect state, it should be easy to enter and have empty spaces. To make a homemade member the right size follow:

  • measure it with a tape measure;
  • adds the required number of centimeters to the result;
  • cuts to the desired width.

Error: wrap a plastic sheet around the penis and cut it "with the eyes" - such a penis, made by hand, would be small or too large.

When the size and cut is complete, the sheet is folded with tube, the joints of the edges are firmly fixed with tape. A circle is cut out of plastic, closes one of the holes and is also tightly wound with tape. The task is to make the resulting tube completely sealed.

The second step in the "how to make a dildo" process is to fill it in. To do this, the erect penis is tightly wrapped with a membrane to eliminate the mass's contact with the body. If the task is to make a nozzle smooth, you need to wrap it carefully, eliminating all possible anomalies where the smoothness of the inside of the nozzle in the future will depend on this.

Next, the mold mass is poured into the prepared tube and the penis is lowered there. The erection takes an average of 15 minutes, after which the structure is removed from the penis. Now you can carefully remove the bandage and release the product from the plastic frame - the homemade penis is ready for use.

If a guy wants to create an anatomical shape for a toy, this can be done with a knife and abrasive material. They also easily make different projections, vein, antennae and other "chips" of the nozzle.


Before making your own dick out of scrap material, you must consider the serious health risks inherent with homemade sex toys:

  • seals, sharp or poorly handled edges, corners, protrusions, and other defects in homemade toys can cause injury to the genitals of both sex partners;
  • incorrectly calculated dimensions run the risk of losing attachment during the intimate process; a more serious option - it can get stuck in the female body;
  • if the calculations were performed in an incomplete erection or it was lost at the time of block freezing, there is a risk of not being able to remove the attachment without medical assistance;
  • too tight violation when wrapping the penis with a membrane can cause a tumor to enter the urethra, which will cause an inflammatory process or obstruction of the urethra;
  • keeping the penis fully erect for 15 minutes is a difficult task when men take drugs with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which has serious side effects on internal organs.

Having assessed and considered all possible risks, they responsibly and carefully approach the independent prosthesis and accessory manufacturing business, allall stages are done meticulously and accurately.

What to do to create an artificial penis

Make a home dildo easier, ie, an artificial one. Such toys are more suitable for women, and if the girl wants, she can be freely possessed. Suitable for producing weights:

Gypsum mixture

It is sold for free at home repair shops, drug stores, or children's toy stores. After preparing the mass (working rules with plaster are described in the instructions enclosed in the package), one tablet of the required size is cast, it is allowed to dry completely. After it is treated with sandpaper to remove all irregularities. Before the sex game, a condom is worn on the penis.

It is also possible to use a plasters mixture for the production of attachments: for this, a penis is completely erect and covered with a plaster mixture and left to harden. However, such a toy will be very stiff and this property causes discomfort, pain, and inconvenience. Its second downside is fragile.

Silicone mixture

Another option to fill it is the shape of the previous vibrator. Meaning, if the toy was purchased (or the package was accidentally received from a friend), the silicone block can be poured into a plastic mold, previously greased with vegetable oil for free extraction intoend piece, and after hardening, stick the halves with super glue.

Clay has the strongest allergenic capacity, so games with such artificial members are recommended only with rubber products # 2.


This document is 90% available anytime, anywhere, and it has the following benefits:

  • easily takes the desired shape;
  • has a characteristic aroma;
  • in the absence of an allergy to beekeeping products, it is allowed to inject into the woman's body without a condom (just treatment with a lubricant is enough).
Plasticine - materials for artificial penis

The wax candle is heated, it has the desired length and width, if desired - additional stimulating protrusions, spines, ribs, etc. v.


This children's creative product can be used in the same way as wax, but it is worth noting that it has more plastic and therefore, it can easily lose its shape on sexual contact. sex. A simple pencil placed inside a sculpted artificial penis or pre-freezing the penis can make the toy more stable.

Tools at hand

You can make your own penis sleeves, but this is not a quick process. If the desire for the experiment arises suddenly and there is no special toy in hand, you can use the tools available. What can replace a member?

  • Vegetables and fruits. Almost every refrigerator contains gifts of nature in the form of a phallic symbol. An ideal and affordable option is cucumbers and bananas, which, when chilled, give the thrill of intimate games.
  • Mobile phone. These are small-sized models that can be set to vibrate.
  • Electric shaver. The previous trim has been removed from it.

Combs with long and wide handles, curling irons and other items that do not have sharp and protruding corners may be an alternative. Main conditions for using them: rinse in water and put a condom on them.

Play in bed with attachments, dildos and lubricants designed to add variety and spice up a couple's everyday intimate life. Before replacing the penis with its artificial copy, however, you should agree on the matter with your lover, otherwise the romantic evening may sadly end: with an argumenta serious break or a painful breakup.