Enlarge the penis in folk ways

Folk way to enlarge penis

There is an opinion that you can enlarge your penis without special equipment and doctors, without leaving the house - these are "folk remedies". Enlargement of the penis in popular folk ways. Indeed, since ancient times, people have practiced penis enlargement using the most exotic methods. This article provides an overview of the most famous ones.

Hang a heavy weight on the penis

It is known that even Sadhu Indians are involved in the editing of many body parts, including the penis. They tried to stretch the organ to an amazing size - in a calm state it twisted, like a string, many times, and when it wasn't twisted, it reached the knee.

In order to achieve this amazing effect, a small weight was forced onto the internal organs of an unborn boy and left it alone for a while. Gradually, the penis grows to 40 cm or more. That's right, with such an organ, the man loses the ability to conceive and have sex in general.

Men of other nationalities are also involved in stretching with the help of a conveyor belt: the tradition of enlarging the penis this way in Africa: in southern Egypt, in northern Uganda. At the same time, there is no certainty about the result, as even when using an extender, it is quite difficult to calculate the tension independently, not to mention possible injury.

Jelqing - massage to enlarge the penis

The ancient jelq massage technique looks less scary. She comes from eastern countries, to be more precise - from Sudan. In this area, it is customary to teach jelqing boys from a young age, and teenagers from wealthy families even train with a coach. This method is quite effective, especially if you start exercising in your teen years, when the body is newly formed and all tissues tend to grow rapidly. For an adult, the method works well, but you need to practice more times in time. While Arab boys exercise every day for 30 minutes, an adult man needs about two hours a day to start growing. This is one of the downsides to this folk penis enlargement cure.

The "how" hormone to enlarge the penis

The word "method" is particularly quoted, because there are no hormonal drugs that affect an adult man. Hormone therapy for micropenis syndrome is used in children or adolescents.

In medical practice, such treatments are described in a scientific publication by Eud Ben Galim, MD, Richard E. Hilman and Virginia W. Usld, MD, which can be found in stock. Archives of the American Journal of Children with Disabilities. Children with microhallus were given an injection of testosterone + growth hormone for 21 days. As a result of therapy, all boys get rid of micropenis syndrome.

In another similar experiment, boys were injected with topical dihydrotestosterone into the penis and the results were positive. Despite this experience, most doctors still consider this treatment to be quite risky. And of course they don't recommend doing this yourself. Furthermore, after puberty, the consequences are likely to be negative.

Self-modifying body

Shadow in members

The foreskin is pulled back. When turned, the foreskin will be cut off with something sharp (like a sharp object). Small pea-sized marbles are inserted into the subcutaneous wound of the penis.

Vaseline under the skin

In addition to marbles under the penis's skin, some people also inject grease, a homemade "filler". It can be said that it is an inexpensive "analog" of contour resin, but instead of a thick solution of hyaluronic acid or another medical preparation, it is kerosene.

How threatening is it

In the first place, the balls under the penis have a lot of scar tissue, leading to Peyronie's disease. As with lubricants, it causes an inflammatory allergic reaction, the formation of connective tissue and fibrosis leading to such a bent penis. Medical surgery is required to remove both the grease and the effects of scarring and its curvature.

Herbal preparations

Not to mention the maternal herbal medicines, which are said to be used for penis growth. Usually these are common stimulants and restorative plants that can increase potency, enhance an erection, and as a result, the penis will look a little bigger. However, this could not be called "penis enlargement", just an increase in erection for such a temporary effect.

These are probably all of the main "folk treatments", or myths about penis enlargement. Why misconceptions? It is plausible to assume that if at least one tool works, information about it will instantly become public property and any man can develop membership at any scale forwithout leaving home. But, unfortunately, no folk remedy has yet been found.