Exercises to increase thickness of penis

The problem with the penis might touch many representatives of a strong half of mankind. Overwork, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, frequent change of the partners in the development of diseases, or infections can affect not only the health of the penis, it leads to a decrease in growth. As a result, the development of the penis will slow down significantly, in some cases, completely stop working, which sexual disorders, problems of sexual nature. Enhance sex organ, there are many effective ways. Optimal, in a completely safe way there are exercises to increase the thickness of the penis , which, together with the total safety, can bring visible, lasting results.

Why you need to increase your penis

penis enlargement.

Increase the penis size, thickness of the wish of many men. The reasons for these aspirations not only sexual domination, but also other factors:

  • give your penis the appropriate anatomical shape;
  • enhance your sexual stamina and stimulate your libido;
  • to achieve a durable, long-lasting erections;
  • to increase the duration of sexual intercourse to achieve lasting orgasm;
  • to enjoy a good sexual life;
  • forget the age-related changes, problems with potency;
  • to reduce the time, sex between them is minimal.

Despite the fact that the nature of the desire to the desire to become the sexual giant or just to maintain your men's health before action, it is best to consult a physician, because of the bad techniques, strong medicine, you can cancel the function of the penis, and because of the development of disease, or deviations.

What affects the growth of the penis

Before active measures, it is necessary to know the important points, habits that have a direct impact on the growth of the length, the thickness of the penis, and to prevent, to achieve the desired result. Among these factors of influence can be distinguished:

  • Smoking , the nicotine to help you cope with the anxiety, depression, but at the same time, a negative impact on the health activity, the penis, numbs the libido, lowers testosterone levels as well as the speed, the irritability, the erection duration;
  • nutrition – improper nutrition, frequent overeating, a small amount of minerals, vitamins leads to the lack of vital substances to work the reproductive system, as a result, the production of the male hormone reduced, the natural growth of the penis slows or stops, the blood flow is disturbed, there is a problem with erection;
  • disease – it has been proven that the diseases of immune nature, endocrine, urinary, nervous system, function of the penis are disrupted, which will affect the future of not only the slow growth, but also on the sexual opportunities, the ability to conceive and quality of the sperm and can lead to the development of serious diseases in the future.

Proper nutrition with the addition of the effective ingredients and the products the penis as well as the combination of other effective methods give a positive result to help you quickly restore the healthy growth of the penis.

Modern methods for penis enlargement

means the penis enlargement

Currently, there are many methods, which help to accelerate the growth of the penis, and to achieve visible results in a relatively short period of time. All methods can be grouped into three categories: simple, homemade radical. The first category should include the use of a variety of drugs, stimulating drugs, ointments, creams, pills, different effects. This category includes a variety of pumps, equipment, instruments to increase the actual growth of the penis.

Radical procedure, thus increasing the size of the penis or implants or surgery, which, in spite of the availability, speed, and impact that will last a lifetime, because serious injury to men's health. The result of such a procedure may be impotence, infection, infertility, and others. The safest effective enough, or homemade ways to increase, among which special attention should be given to the compound exercises, and massage.

The advantages, characteristics of the exercises

Practices, as well as specially designed massage the penis allows the stretch of the fabric, thereby increasing the body size. Usually these exercises are simple to perform, does not need much time, so it can be easily done at home. The use of such techniques in your daily life will help you pass genital, proper form, flexibility, mobility. Another distinctive advantage is that this method is completely safe, which is impossible to guarantee, if you support tablets, or other means. There are many variations of a specially designed set of daily implementation, which allows you to increase the blood flow to the penis, the tissue is more flexible, stronger, tighter. Thus, the practices can be divided into stretching, strengthening. Simplicity, ease of implementation, and just a few minutes a day with this method to increase the penis is a universal, as well as the specially developed complex also significantly strengthen the walls of the joints and to protect against the development of distortion, disease, or other errors.

A set of exercises to increase body

Currently, there is a huge variety of exercises to increase height stretching member. The majority of them are simple, easy to perform, does not require a lot of effort, others involve the use of additional parts, cream lubrication, etc.

Here are the most popular exercises to increase length, thickness of the penis at home:

devices penis enlargement
  • Practice pull

    Description: in a sitting position, to relax the sexual organs of the head, slowly pull away from the body for 5-7 seconds, relax and pull the right side of the rest, drag it to the left, all at intervals of 5-6 seconds, stop the pull position.

  • Practice with a towel

    Description: a small towel, wet in warm water, wring out the excess liquid, wrap in a towel, a penis full length, thus the head, to warm up the penis for 7-10 minutes, remove the towel, and then wipe the body dry.

  • Practice stretching

    Description: stretch in a sitting position, to relax, to perform the exercises, which are necessary to enable a simple erection, penis little movement necessary delay during the bottom, sitting on top of the negative, the exercise will help you to increase the internal pressure of a special body to increase in size.

  • Massage stimulates growth

    Description: finally a stimulating massage, you will need to use the cream for lubrication, it is necessary to achieve easy penis erection is to your fingers, placing them at the base, to start a little back-and-forth motion, to fix the fingers on the base and the head to promote the blood flow and the stretching of the tissues.

  • A set of exercises "milking"

    Description: performed at an incomplete erection, so as not to damage the surface and the internal capillaries, genitalia, fingers, thumb-index placement is connected to a ring, which is the upper part of the body is done in slow motion to the stage, where the fingers reach the edge of the head and the hand, change the exercise repetition again.

  • The exercises to increase the head

    Description: in order to strengthen and increase the tip of the penis should be performed at least 1-2 times a day following task, the initial sitting position, feet shoulders before running is necessary to achieve 80% erection, then wrap it around the base of the tail, pull up on the head of the authority, to 30-50 a circular motion to the right, and then change hands and repeat the movement to the left, relax muscles, perform exercises with the help of a special cream or lubrication is not required.