How to make dick bigger soda: the rules of the method

Other information, which description, to increase the member states use soda, the world wide web you can find a lot of. Some argue that the sodium hydrogen carbonate, it is a harmless, effective product, while others insist that the fine white powder just health, and not bring the expected effect. The result begs the question: is it possible to increase the man's penis, or soda? The answer to this question, you need to understand in detail.

Penis enlargement using soda – myth or reality?

the penis enlargement baking soda

Despite mixed reviews, you should pay attention to the fact that the sodium hydrogen carbonate may thin the blood, quickly penetrate the tissues of the reproductive organs. However, baking soda can not boast of a composition of components, which directly affect the length of the phallus. However, the soda helps to enhance the penis, however, the effectiveness of the technique depends largely on the type, frequency, as well as individual people.

As already mentioned, baking soda helps to improve blood circulation. This occurs through cleansing the body of toxins. The absence of impurities has a positive effect on the potency, the size of the penis. As a result, a man and his partner, I have the impression that your penis added length and a width.

Supporters of this method claim that the penis enlargement baking soda is more rational to use a combination of stretching exercises, such as the jelcing. According to these opinions, the use of the baking soda and do the regular exercise has a positive effect on the elasticity of the tissues of the penis. This is manifested in the elongation of the reproductive organs, in parallel, improve the intensity of the blood flow into.

To increase the male member soda

A less popular method of penis enlargement is considered the reception of the baking soda within. The fact that it is based on purifying the body of toxins, so does not guarantee that the amazing results. However, this method has a positive influence on the male body, get rid of the disease, who for one reason or another do not allow the penis to the maximum excited state.

Take sodium bicarbonate on an empty stomach in the morning, 0.5 tsp. dissolved in 100-150 ml of water or ¼ teaspoon of powder between meals (morning and evening). The improvement in the intake of baking soda is increased to 1 teaspoon, or in some cases even up to 1 tablespoon

However, this method is not suitable for men who have individual intolerance to sodium hydrogen carbonate, or there are problems with the acidity of the stomach, the functions of the digestive tract. Therefore, the presence of inflammatory changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach or gastric ulcer, diabetes mellitus or malignant tumors, this recipe will not work. Opponents of this method argue that the seemingly harmless products may harm beneficial microflora of the stomach, adversely affecting the acid-base balance.

External use baking soda use baths, scrubs, ointments, and compresses. The use is not recommended if you are allergic reactions, wounds of the penis, dry skin, pathological changes of the phallus.

The bath you need to dissolve each in 200 ml warm water, 1 tsp. the baking soda. Member is dipped in the liquid for 10-15 minutes. These baths are useful before exercise, stretching the penis. This is the procedure that is no more than twice a day. Within a month the man will feel the result, but to participate in these procedures is not necessary. The appearance of the malaise, skin rash, or irritation bath should be abandoned. The assessment of the supporters of your non-traditional methods of penis enlargement they say that the bath is effective 40 to 50 minutes before sexual intercourse. The sodium hydrogen carbonate gives the members the flexibility to improve the excited state.

Others suggest slowly wash member of the be diluted with water. The latter need to steep for 5 minutes. But before that you need to take a hot shower, after which the genitals are thoroughly dry. After washing, the baking soda dissolved in water, the penis must be dry. Then wash off with water not necessary. It is advisable to wear comfortable underwear, within an hour to avoid hypothermia.

Otherwise, how to increase membership soda? To make a compress, 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with 100 ml of warm water. After complete dissolution of the bicarbonate, the bandage or gauze wet, and then around the entire phallus. The man in this moment you can calm the condition. If this causes the difficulty to come to the aid of scented candles, essential oils, lavender, cardamom, or cypress (applied in the member states in any case impossible). The duration of such a procedure is 10-15 minutes. It should be noted that the result of the previous procedure is observed through a month.

Another recipe penis enlargement baking soda to make a home made ointment. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is mixed with a small amount of water to form a thick sludge. It's the consistency of soda gently rubbed into the skin. Make the process slow, because there is a risk to hurt the skin. The ointment is applied for 10 minutes up to three times a day. The appearance of a burning sensation, and irritation, this method must be abandoned.

You can try to increase the member states soda, honey, prepare a natural scrub on the basis of them. Mixing equal quantities. This medicine is the penis enlargement is beating the skin of the genital neat massaging movements. Assessment indicates that the use of honey along with the white powder has a positive effect in the flaccid state, the skin phallus.

The advantages, disadvantages, techniques, penis enlargement and soda

soft penis enlargement

Any method, including the use of baking soda, involves passing a series of tests on the road increasing the possibility of the penis. There's skepticism, the risk of injury. Parallel to this is accompanied by a low-cost, low time expenditure, however, is not an absolute guarantee no.

There are those who claim that baking soda, to increase the penis managed to get a few inches, while others complain about the low efficiency of the technique. Perhaps the most important role played by the individual characteristics of the organization. On the other hand, as long as you don't try you don't know all advantages, disadvantages, technology penis enlargement.

The advantages and disadvantages of the penis enlargement baking soda are the following:

  • minimal financial costs;
  • the techniques don't have to spend a lot of time;
  • it improves the blood circulation, improve the erection quality;
  • cleanse the body of toxins consumed within.


  • to obtain the effect, less than a month;
  • the risk of injury by crystals of soda;
  • the procedure may be accompanied by a burning sensation;
  • you should pay attention to contraindications.